Vampire: Journey of the Ages

Babylon, City of the Gods

The world has found a beacon of hope in the vast desert wastelands of Mesopotamia. All roads lead to Babylon, and all peoples have found the 1 key that will unite mankind, Commerce. In the land of flowing waters, rich silks, and bountiful gold, a noble class has been born. Yet man must learn to live under the heel of the Gods of the Land. The Gods direct the people how they will, their intentions never known to the Will of Man. Some of these Gods are benevolent to mankind, some of them twisted and dark in their desires, expending souls with but a whim.

In this land of riches and opportunity, one man rose above all others, a man of ideals and honor; King Hammurabi. With his patron God Anu ever at his side, Hammurabi has formed a Codex of laws that give governance to all across the Babylonian Empire. Many ruthless nomads, and peoples of war have tried to come against Hammurabi, but his armies are vast and his legions strong.

Amidst the city lay the many temples for the Gods of Honor. Some of them walk openly amongst man, some lay hidden in Shadow. The great Magi call Babylon home as well, their tower ever rising into the sky, in hopes of traversing the heavens themselves. It is in this high monument that Hammurabi’s patron, Anu, dwells.

Yet it is also known that Anu has drifted from mankind to a degree. In this vacuum others have stepped in to fill the void. The most powerful of these is the God Enlil. He ravages the commoners, and fleeces the merchants. His wealth is vast, his power dominating. The people must come and bow to him. Though there are many whispers. Enlil is rarely seen, and when he is, it is only in the darks of night. There are rumors that the unfortunate, the destitute are taken here for foul rituals and for other dark purposes. Of all of those that enter his Temple, few ever return. It is deep in the dungeons of his Temple, far from the sight of man that our party begins. They are captive, shackled against their will, taken as slaves from their normal life. They believe their fate is certain, they are to be drained of life and cast as husks into the Euphrates, but if their will is strong, they may yet live…

Babylon the beautiful


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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