Vampire: Journey of the Ages

Babylon, meeting with Phascal, at Palace of ea

Our adventure begins as our two kindred have a time of respite in the Temple of Enki. After refreshing and studying the ancient Stone Tablets of Wisdom, Ea meets with our party and charges them to find proper ghouls to administer their affairs.

With the help of a street-smart ghoul named Rashi, they make their way to the Bazarre of Hammurabi, where they find the great metalurgist Al-Sabir. Amatsukami makes the company of his huge Sumerian assistant Rorik, and with a swift test of skill, Amatsukami puts Rorik down in a lathe duel. Meanwhile, Wolfren and Al-Sabir experiment and find a way to melt ore.

Rorik is ghouled, and soon Al-Sabir will be as well. With another journey to the Sumerian underground, Wolfren ghouls Sietta, a former Priestess of Enlil that now controls the eldeberry trade in Babylon.

With a return to the Palace, our kindred meet with Ea, Tamuz, Dagon, Nimrod, Nazrahi, and Rador. They are told of the capture of Eneshkigal by the Necromancer Zavander of the desert. They must prove their worth and rescue Zavander. Both our kindred realize there is more afoot in this situation, but none-the-less they scout out the Corpsium at the Eastern Edge of town where they run into Sari the Nosferatu. They make arrangements to have Sari introduce them to Phascal.

They soon learn that Rashi is in fact under vinculum to Enlil, and was planning on selling them out to his henchmen. The ruse is over, they expose Rashi to Ea who destroys him. They then plot together to give Sari false information on Nergal.

Our party now plans to meet Phascal and the Dam’vriti, a meeting that could change the course of their destiny…

Temple of Ea
Temple of ea


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