Vampire: Journey of the Ages

Life in Egypt

Our party awakens at the hands of Tuk-Naten, bleeding slaves over them. Once reanimated, they quickly realize they are in a strange new world. Taken to the Temple of Thoth in Memphis, they learn the tongue, and learn that Osiris and Isis rule the kindred here. However, Osiris’ sire is the ancient and diabolical Enlil. Coercing them with subtle manipulations, Thoth gets our party to help in his mysterious endeavors. However things take a bizarre twist when the cube of Pazuzu is within his confines. Wolfren, fearing the power of the cube, sets it back atop its altar. Amatsukami does not share these fears, and opens the gateway to the “Shards” of the Underworld. Pazuzu’s spirit can once again tough the Hisil, and he immediately enters the body of Thoth.

This dynamic trio now heads north via bark to the Egyptian capital of Al-Ramase. Set up at the Palace of the Lapis Scarab, our party quickly takes seats as Gods of a much older world. Using the Hebrew slaves, a throne room of deification is built. There is much consternation over the statues put in place, and it takes some time before Amatsukami believes the “posture” of his statue does not show hidden perversion to its onlookers.

A shadowy visitor arrives, a kindred of the Khaibit named Sari, who heralds our party to the Nile Delta where they meet the God of Chaos, Sutekh. Sutekh conspires with the two in order to overcome Osiris. In exchange for their help, he takes them to the Forge of Ptah where the masks of the Gods are made. Amatsukami chooses the mask of the Lion, while Wolfren chooses the mask of the Wolf.

When they return to the Palace they see a minor skirmish has broken out at its front wall. It seems Horus would test their Will and Strength; a challenge our party backs down from. They fall to slumber as Horus rides off triumphantly on his chariot…

The lion god


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