Vampire: Journey of the Ages

Neonate Decisions

Our pilgrims have journied from Edo and Saxony to Babylon to see and learn its mysteries. Unfortunately, they learned the harsh truth of this great city for outlanders; slavery.

Into the the Temple of Enlil, they were held captive, and then turned into creatures of the Night. Amatsukami made a quick escape, only to be sent back into the chambers by strange magnetism.

They were led to the Chamber of Enlil himself, who then used these slaves to fuel himself, discarding their drained corpses. The first night Amatsukami and Wofren survied the first night, the second night Amatsukami was taken to drain, but not fully, thus he lived.

Into the Chamber of Shemesh they were sent to be burned by the sun. With the help of Zaz and Sari, our party escapes and makes their way outside of Babylon to the Palace of Nergal, God of the Night Skies. Nergal and his assistant Malikai promise protection and power for sharing the diabolical machinations of Enlil with Innana, leader of the Blood Moon Codex.

Off to the Temple of Innana, and our party shares their tale. She watches over them for the night, and Amatsukami goes into mediation, while Wolfren indulges in Innana’s own pleasure palace.

The next night the “Gods of Babylon” have gathered. Our two make their way to the hanging gardens with Innana, and then take the opportunity to mingle with Rhiajj, Jasima (whom they will help save with her escape to Sumeria), and others. Finally, they are presented before the Blood Moon court, and Enlil. Somehow, their memories of their experience now are infused with images of Nergal corrupting their minds. It is determined that there are some discrepencies, so Enlil will not be punished. However, they do get to choose who to serve their Neonatal period under. After some discussion, they decide to travel with Ea, God of Wisdom, and a Mekhet of some renown.

Now to see how Enlil plans to bring them to an end…
Chamber of shemesh


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