Vampire: Journey of the Ages

The End of Babylon

Our kindred awaken at the Temple of Ea and decide that they will put off the pursuit of the stolen Eneshkigal in order to meet with Phascall and the Dam’Vriti. Using Rorik’s knowledge of the city, our vampires are able to escape their pursuers, and then head south of the city to the Nomad camps where Phascall is hiding out. Sari takes them to this enigmatic kindred.

Phascall openly reveals his past misdeeds and his true ambitions to our party, revealing that he has learned some secret arts from a being named Pazuzu. Our party decides to chase down this lead in the Eastern deserts. After spending some days with Rhiajj, Sari, and Phascall, it is off to the Eastern Sands.

In the distance they see the Towers of Zavander, Nergal’s childe and Kindred assassin. After some time they come across a sacred totem of the Syr LaQal, a tribe of cannibalistic werewolves that inhabit the far reaches of Mesopotamia. After being challenged by the pack, Amatsukami steps up and takes on Syr Gadol, a massive Uratha bearing his fang daggers. In a back and forth tussle, Amatsukami finally manages to cleave Gadol’s left arm. Shamed and disgraced, his pack abandons him. In a bold and foolhearty move, Amatsukami shares blood with Gadol, putting both of them on the edge of frenzy for the remainder of the evening.

It is soon learned that the dead of Babylon are sent down an offshoot of the Euphrates to this Temple of Pazuzu where they are turned into foul zombies. Seeing nomads run for their lives, our party now questions their idea of seeking this God Pazuzu. Yet they push on.

The ride in nearly spells the end for Rorik and Wulfren, but at the last minute the Priest Unthis forces the undead to back off. The party descends on the Temple. Once within, it is learned that Pazuzu is a foul and dangerous infernal being. Yet negotiations are in order. His price simple, sneaking him into the city. In exchange he will grant strange and mysterious powers to Amatsukami and Wulfren. The terms finished, the Changeling named Black Ivy seals the deal with an Oath Binding.

They return to Babylon with Pazuzu smuggled away in a strange cube to avoid detection from Anu, the Patron God of Bablyon. Once within the city, however, all hell breaks loose. Anu and Pazuzu clash in a titanic war of crackling mystical energies and smouldering magma from the depths. In the end, Babylon is left petrified, and our kindred trapped in stone for the ages.

Time passes in a torporous hungered state, the years immeasurable. Finally, a strange Egyptian man, a Priest of Thoth named Tuk-Naten finds, awakens, and feeds our kindred. How will they adapt to this strange and advanced culture of Osiris and Ramses?

Babylon destroyed by pazuzu


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